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Ted Baker eyewear Ted Baker glasses for sale in Indiana
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From his start as a maker of high-end men’s shirts, UK designer Ted Baker has expanded into eyewear that mixes retro influences with contemporary flair. Known for his quirky style and refined details, Baker’s eyewear has its own unique vibe. Ted Baker glasses are known for luxury quality with sophisticated design intended to inspire the wearer. Available at Heartland Vision with single vision or progressive lenses, transition lenses or dedicated sunglass lenses.

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Most vision insurance plans cover all or most of the cost of a yearly eye exam, and sometimes pay for part of your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Use your insurance benefits to get glasses & prescription sunglasses at Heartland Vision. We accept most vision plans. Call or visit any store for a free coverage check.

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  • Ted Baker Eyeglasses

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At Heartland Vision you can get a great deal on designer eyewear, even without insurance. We negotiate lower prices on top brands & pass the savings on to our patients.

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