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How our safety eyewear programs work

Heartland Vision is a direct provider of safety eyewear for hundreds of employers and unions. Our trained professionals are familiar and compliant with ANSI 71 specifications and will help you implement a safety eyeglass program through Heartland Vision for your company. We ask that your employees visit one of our 6 convenient Indiana locations to ensure proper fitting. This maximizes employee safety, employer convenience and relieves you of the task of handling and distributing safety eyewear.

As part of your custom safety eyeglass program, we can offer discounted eye exams rates for your employees. We can custom design a program for just about any budget, high or low. If you’re interested in finding out more about our safety eyewear programs, please contact a Heartland Vision clinic near you.

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Prescription safety eyewear, sunglasses & goggles

Heartland Vision carries a full range of safety frames (both plastic and metal), side shields and lenses. We stock over 100 safety frames from leading manufacturers with 5 different price points, leaving you with multiple options. We continually update our inventory of prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear so we can offer the greatest and latest selection to our customers who depend on them for their work and safety.

Perfectly finished protective lenses

Whether they are impact-resistance safety lenses or non-corrective, all safety lenses are fabricated at our own lens lab here in Indiana. Heartland Vision’s certified professional technicians can craft any lens type including customized safety lenses and a complete range of lens treatments to fit the job.

Vision insurance & union vision plans

Heartland Vision accepts more insurance and union health and welfare plans from providers than any other eye care provider. Contact us or come in for a free consultation for exact details on what your union or non-union vision insurance plan covers.

We still work with a large number of individual patients as well as organizations who don’t have vision insurance. We can help to reduce out-of-pocket costs and provide affordable payment plans. Heartland Vision also offers quarterly deals and discounts on eye exams and eyewear.

Insurance Accepted

Prescription safety eyeglasses in Indiana
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