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FSA & HSA for Glasses, Contacts, & Eye Exams

Make the most out of your flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA) this year by using it to purchase prescription glasses, contact lenses and eye exams at your local Heartland Vision. Don't let those funds go to waste!

What is FSA/HSA?

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are specialized accounts for healthcare expenses that are funded with pre-tax dollars. These programs are commonly offered by employers, usually in conjunction with a standard health plan.

HSA: Funds roll over

Contributions made to a health savings account roll over automatically from one year to the next.

FSA: Funds DO NOT roll over

Flexible spending account funds come with an expiration date, typically at the end of the calendar year. Once the expiration date is reached, the funds in your FSA will no longer be available.

2023 FSA Contribution Limit & Deadlines

2023 FSA Contribution Limit: $3,050

FSA Event or DeadlineKey Dates
2023 Benefit Period Begins Jan. 1, 2023
Last day to incur expenses using your 2023 HCFSA or LEX HCFSA Dec. 31, 2023
Last day to incur expenses using your 2023 DCFSA Mar. 15, 2024
Last day to submit all claims for the 2023 benefit period Apr. 30, 2024

2023 HSA Contribution Limit & Deadlines

2023 HSA Contribution Limit: $3,850 for an individual, $7,750 for family

The statutory deadline for contributing to your HSA is the same deadline for filing your taxes for the same year (2023 HSA contribution deadline: April 15, 2024).

Using HSA or FSA for glasses, contact lenses, and vision care

What can I use FSA and HSA funds for?

Medical expenses that are eligible, including vision care, can be covered by FSA and HSA funds. At Heartland Vision, you can use your FSA and HSA money to pay for out-of-pocket expenses and copays related to the following:

HSA/FSA funds for eye exams Eye Exams

HSA/FSA funds for prescription lenses Prescription Eyeglasses

HSA/FSA funds for prescription sunglasses Prescription Sunglasses

HSA/FSA funds for prescription contact lenses Prescription Contact Lenses

HSA/FSA funds for eyeglass repairs Eyeglass Repair

Don’t have an HSA or FSA?

No worries! At Heartland Vision, we do complimentary insurance checks. And if you have any questions, feel free to call or send a message. See if you’re covered:

Free Benefit Check

Frequently Asked Questions

Are blue light glasses FSA/HSA eligible?

Most providers will let you use your FSA or HSA funds to pay for blue light glasses. Blue light lenses filter out blue light produced by phones, TVs and computer monitors which have been proven to negatively affect sleep and cause eye strain. Therefore, blue light lenses have proven medical benefits and applications.

How many pairs of glasses can I buy with my FSA?

There is no limit! As long as you have enough money in your FSA to purchase a pair of glasses, you can.

Can I use my FSA to buy glasses for someone else?

FSA funds can only be used for yourself and qualifying dependents. Eligible dependents include your spouse, your children (under 26 years old) and other dependents claimed on your tax return.

Are colored contacts FSA eligible?

You cannot use FSA funds towards cosmetic contact lenses. However, if the colored contact lenses have corrective properties to improve your vision, they will have been prescribed to you by a licensed doctor. Colored lenses with corrective properties are eligible for FSA fund use.  

Can I buy sunglasses with my flexible spending account?

You can use your flexible spending account to purchase prescription sunglasses. However, non-prescription sunglasses are not an eligible item. 

Are eyeglass frames covered by FSA/HSA?

Eyeglass frames are an eligible item to be purchased with FSA and HSA funds.

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