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Contact Lenses

When you order contacts through our online portal, you can take advantage of all current manufacturer rebate offers (see below). If you need a new or updated contact lens prescription, book an appointment for a contact lens eye exam online or call to schedule.

Use your current contact lens subscription to order online or call one of our locations.

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Purchasing Contact Lenses through Heartland Vision

Heartland Vision

  • Access to OUR eye doctors for better doctor/patient relationship
  • Manufacturer-provided rebates
  • Get contacts online or in-store
  • Can exchange unopen/unmarked boxes within 30 days from purchase.*
  • Eye Subscribe for re-order subscription
  • Cost is almost always better- see for yourself!
Alcon Precision 1 90-Day $62.25
B&L Biotrue Oneday 90-Day $51.00
Coopervision Clariti 1 day sphere 90-Day $53.25
J&J Oasys 1 Day Hydraluxe 90-Day $82.00

Online Contact Lens Competitors

  • Access to a collection of eye doctors for impersonal doctor/patient relationships
  • Limited rebate offers
  • Only get contacts online
  • Can’t send back contacts
  • Unreliable customer service
  • Higher costs
Alcon Precision 1 90-Day $63.99
B&L Biotrue Oneday 90-Day $59.99
Coopervision Clariti 1 day sphere 90-Day $55.99
J&J Oasys 1 Day Hydraluxe 90-Day $83.99

The prices of our competitors mentioned here are based on publicly available information as of 3/1/23 and may not reflect current prices or promotions. The lowest price after all available rebates mentioned here is based on the specific criteria mentioned, such as being a new wearer or a first-time customer of 1-800. Other criteria may apply, and the actual price may vary. We make no claim or guarantee that the prices of our competitors mentioned here are accurate or up-to-date. Customers should independently verify the prices before making a purchase. Any mention of our competitors' prices is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as an endorsement or recommendation of those products or services. We reserve the right to update or remove the information about our competitors' prices at any time without notice. By mentioning our competitors' prices here, we do not intend to violate any laws or agreements related to unfair competition, false advertising, or price fixing. We cannot be held responsible for any legal disputes or claims that may arise from the use of this information. Customers and competitors should seek their own legal advice as needed. *Restrictions may apply

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Considering Contacts? Here’s what you need to know

Since contact lenses move with your eye, there are no peripheral distortions or frames blocking your view, giving you a completely clear visual field.

If you’re an athlete or are active in general (except for swimming), you’ll love the freedom contact lenses give you.

Contact lenses give you the ability to wear sunglasses and safety glasses over your contact lenses, so you don’t have to spend more money on additional eyewear prescriptions.

Contact lens exams take longer than regular eye exams and require more follow-up visits to ensure they are properly and safely working for your eyes.

Wearing contact lenses is a commitment. You need to be thorough in proper lens care, cleaning, storage and replacement of your lenses. If you fail to follow the replacement schedule and perform the necessary hygiene, you will be at risk for infection and potential permanent vision damage.

Does vision insurance cover contact lenses?

Most vision insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of contact lenses, while others will cover all of it. Our eye doctors accept most vision insurance plans, including union health and welfare funds. If you're unsure about what your vision insurance plan covers, we're happy to do a free coverage check for you if you call or stop by one of our vision centers with your insurance card.

You can also get a contacts eye exam and contact lenses without insurance

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Contact Lens Types

Disposable contact lenses Disposable Lenses

Bifocal and multifocal contact lenses Bifocal & Multifocal Lenses

Extended wear contact lenses Extended Wear Contacts

Soft contact lenses Soft Contact Lenses

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Colored contact lenses Colored Contacts


Experienced Optometrists + The Latest Advancements

We urge individuals who have had difficulties wearing contact lenses in the past (or have been advised against wearing them) to schedule a contact lens examination with one of our optometrists. Contact lens technology is always advancing. Our eye doctors may be able to find safe and comfortable lenses for you to wear.

Our doctors are available to help both new and existing contact lens users. We provide detailed guidance and personalized instructions on how to appropriately wear and maintain your particular type of lenses.

Benefits of Ordering Contacts with Heartland Vision:

Heartland Vision carries all the well-known quality brands with affordable and competitive pricing. Save big by taking advantage of annual supply savings and use ALL available manufacturer rebates and promotions. You will always receive the correct brand and prescription completely free of defects, guaranteed. If you tear or damage a contact lens, stop by any of our 6 Heartland Vision locations for a free replacement. Online contact lens retailers need to take an additional step to get you your contact lenses.

Per the law, they need to verify your prescription with your eye doctor. Skip the middle man and order straight from your eye care provider, Heartland Vision.

Contact Lens Safety

While contact lenses are generally a very safe and convenient way to correct your vision, contact lens use is never completely risk-free. Contact lenses are considered medical devices by the FDA, so be sure to follow your eye doctor’s instructions completely to reduce the risk of an eye infection, scratched cornea or other eye damage.

Ordering contact lenses through your eye care provider is the most effective way to safeguard your eye health and avoid potential risks associated with other online retailers.

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Risks of buying contacts from other online retailers:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ordering contacts with Heartland Vision?

When you order contacts from Heartland Vision, you can choose from a huge variety of high-quality contact lens brands. You'll enjoy competitive pricing + guaranteed defect-free, perfect-fitting lenses. We're here to give you expert advice on proper lens care, and we'll replace torn lenses for free. At Heartland Vision, you get free shipping on all orders over $99. 

Can you buy contacts from other online retailers?

You can, but we don't recommend it. The crazy low prices you'll find on other sites are just that- crazy. Heartland Vision is a huge, trusted retailer of eyewear across the Midwest, and by buying from us, you eliminate your risk of dealing with contaminated, torn, incorrect or damaged lenses.

And because we're licensed optometrists, you get access to the highest quality lenses with instructions for proper care and infection prevention.

Does vision insurance cover contacts?

Most vision plans cover at least some of the cost of contact lenses. Some plans include full coverage. Heartland Vision accepts most vision insurance, and we'll do a free benefits check for you before you order- just give us a call. 

What if I need a new prescription?

If you're interested in getting contacts for the first time or you need an updated prescription for contact lenses, schedule a contact lens eye exam with Heartland Vision. You'll get a comprehensive eye exam from one of our optometrists + a fitting and consultation to make sure you're comfortable and confident with wearing and caring for your new lenses. 

Is it ok to wear contact lenses everyday?

Yes, as long as you store and care for your contact lenses properly. If you don't disinfect your lenses, or if you wear your lenses past their replacement schedule, you'll put yourself at serious risk for eye discomfort and worse, infection. 

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