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Our Lens Lab

At LBC Optics, our lens lab combines the art of craftsmanship with innovative techniques to provide you with accurate vision to allow you to appreciate every aspect of life. Whether you are at work, reading, driving, watching sports, or engaging in any other activity, we guarantee you the perfect visual experience.

We take pride in introducing the latest technology in our lab - the Schneider Modulo XT. This cutting-edge digital lens generator is ideal for producing freeform progressives.

See where improved vision begins:

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LBC Optics in New Berlin, WI

All Heartland Vision eyeglasses come with individualized, hand-finished ZEISS lenses from our state-of-the-art lens lab.

Our Advanced Tech for Perfect Vision

Automated alloy-free blocking system

At LBC Optics, we are proud to be among the pioneers of eco-friendly lens manufacturing. As one of the first lens labs in the world to adopt the Schneider CCB Modulo, we've eliminated the need for alloys in our blocking system.

This intelligent system reduces our environmental impact and enables us to produce lenses of the highest quality. As the first lab in North America to implement this innovative technology, we are committed to leading the way in sustainable lens manufacturing.

We’ve embraced this innovative and fully-automated optical machinery to give Indiana:

  • Faster turnaround of precision optic lenses
  • Sustainable production free of toxic waste
  • A leading-edge lens lab owned and operated in the Midwest

Digital lens generator

When it comes to generating freeform progressives, the Schneider Modulo XT is in a league of its own. This cutting-edge digital lens generator is 20% more accurate and 30% faster than earlier equipment.

How we make individualized lenses

Once you've completed your eye exam, we send your detailed visual profile to our state-of-the-art lens laboratory.

Our team of certified technicians use this information to create customized lenses that meet your specific needs. They take into account your prescription, frame choice and any additional lens options that you have selected. By utilizing advanced optical software, our technicians expertly cut and shape the lenses to fit perfectly into your frame.

To ensure the utmost precision, we use digital surfacing for all of our lenses. This means that the lenses are refined to an accuracy of .001 diopters after being ground and polished, resulting in lenses that are finely tuned to your exact prescription.

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