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Find the latest styles in men’s eyewear from our huge selection of designer labels or shop our exclusive COR Eyewear collection online.

Men's eyeglasses for sale in Indiana
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Ted Baker eyeglasses TXL506 for sale in Indiana


Ted Baker eyeglasses TXL507 for sale in Indiana


Ted Baker eyeglasses TMUF003 for sale in Indiana


Ted Baker eyeglasses TXL005 for sale in Indiana


Totally Rimless eyeglasses Bypass(302) for sale in Indiana


Helium-Paris eyeglasses 4409 for sale in Indiana


Helium-Paris eyeglasses 4419 for sale in Indiana


Helium-Paris eyeglasses 4421 for sale in Indiana


Danny Gokey eyeglasses 122 for sale in Indiana


Art-Craft USA Workforce safety glasses WF676EV for sale in Indiana


IZOD eyeglasses 2050 for sale in Indiana


ClearVision eyeglasses Darrel for sale in Indiana


ClearVision eyeglasses Durahinge 15 for sale in Indiana

Durahinge 15

ClearVision eyeglasses M 3020 for sale in Indiana

M 3020

ClearVision eyeglasses M 3021 for sale in Indiana

M 3021

ClearVision eyeglasses M 3022 for sale in Indiana

M 3022

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5064 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5064

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5066 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5066

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5068 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5068

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5071 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5071

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5074 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5074

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5076 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5076

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5077 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5077

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5079 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5079

Stetson eyeglasses Off Road 5085 for sale in Indiana

Off Road 5085

Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Dockside for sale in Indiana


IZOD eyeglasses 2090 for sale in Indiana


Ted Baker eyeglasses TMBIO001 for sale in Indiana


Op-Ocean Pacific sunglasses Lagoon for sale in Indiana


Guess eyeglasses GU50049 for sale in Indiana


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Heartland Vision eye clinics have more than enough comfortable and flattering frames for all types of men’s faces. Try our virtual try-on online or come in for expert fitting and styling advice at one of our 6 Indiana locations.


Whether you’re looking for the latest designer styles or want a classic look that doesn’t go out of fashion, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in men’s frames at Heartland Vision.

As one of the largest retail eyewear chains in the Midwest, we have the leverage to negotiate better vendor pricing from top brands, allowing us to pass the savings on to you. We also offer ongoing deals and discounts & will work with your vision insurance (or no insurance) to get you the best value.

Contact us or visit a store today for a free men’s eyewear consultation.

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