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For the best eye care and most affordable eyewear in Indianapolis, visit Heartland Vision. Our experienced optometrists and caring opticians are here to make sure you get top-quality eye care and comfortable, fashionable eyewear at great prices. 

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We love deals, discounts & promos, so we bring them to you! Keep an eye out for specials on eyeglasses, eye exams, contact lenses and more.

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COR Eyewear

Shop COR Eyewear, our exclusive designer label, online now. With classic and modern styles + the Zeiss lenses and free shipping on orders over $99, COR has something for everyone. 

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Prescription Safety Glasses

At Heartland Vision, we know the value of hard work. We make sure you have the best safety glasses to keep you safe through your toughest jobs.

Call us or stop into our Indianapolis to ask about our safety eyewear programs for businesses. As one of the biggest suppliers of prescription safety glasses for Indiana businesses, we'll make sure you get the right glasses for the job and your budget.

Safety Eyewear

Prescription Sunglasses

Shop our huge selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for men, women, teens and kids! With an inventory made to showcase the latest styles and the most popular brands, we're confident you'll find your newest must-have pair of sunglasses at Heartland Vision. Choose from polarized, photochromic, tinted lenses and more. Shop now! 


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Affordable Prescription Eyeglass Frames in Marion County

Choose from a wide variety of frames near Irvington, Riverside, West Lake, Hawthorne, and the Old Southside in Indiana. Our Indianapolis center on Tibbs Ave. offers affordable eye exams for all. While you’re here, browse through designer frames.

Shop for Designer Eyeglass Frames in Indianapolis

Heartland Vision in Indianapolis has your favorite brand names in the hottest styles at prices you can afford. With an inventory this big, you're sure to find the look you've been after on our website or right here at our store.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for getting my new glasses?

We have three dispensing options:

  • Contactless Pickup: Call the store when you arrive. We’ll bring your order out to your car or meet you at the door.
  • In-Store Pickup: If possible, we recommend coming inside for an eyeglass fitting. Your optician will adjust the frames to fit you comfortably and make sure the lenses are positioned correctly in front of your eyes.
  • Delivery: For a fee, have your glasses delivered via UPS or USPS (ground only).

Patients who choose contactless pickup or delivery can still get a free eyeglass fitting at a later date.

What’s the average price for a pair of prescription glasses?

There’s no average price because there is no average patient! The final out-of-pocket cost of prescription glasses depends on the type of frame, lenses and vision insurance.

We carry a wide range of frames including designer options and value-priced picks. We offer free coverage checks and we’ll explain how to get the most out of your benefits. 

We offer discounts for patients without insurance and accept CareCredit.

Can I get my new glasses the same day as my exam?

We do not offer same-day turnaround for new glasses. Eyeglasses are custom-made medical devices. The processes used in eyeglass fabrication are highly specialized and require state-of-the-art equipment and multiple quality checks (if done correctly).

Thousands of variables go into a single pair of prescription glasses: the frames you choose, your vision prescription, astigmatism magnitude and location, lens power, lens material, lens type and lens treatments.

Quality isn’t always the quickest option, but for something as crucial as eye health and vision, we believe it’s the better option.

Do you sell reading glasses?

Yes! We sell prescription reading glasses with multiple lens options including bifocals, progressives, blue light filtering and more.

Over-the-counter readers are generally OK for short-term use. But if you have stronger vision in one eye, astigmatism, digital eyestrain or need distance vision correction, you’re better off getting proper prescription glasses for reading.

Can I donate eyeglasses at Heartland Vision?

Yes! Heartland Vision donates used prescription glasses on behalf of Lions Club International. Your unwanted eyewear can change a life.

Should I wear my glasses for sports?

Optometrists recommend taking your glasses off during contact sports to avoid injury and breaking your glasses. No-contact sports like golf or bowling are an exception to the rule.

Prescription sports glasses are a better option as they’re designed to protect your eyes and may even enhance your performance. Our opticians are happy to show you our many sports eyewear options.

Is anti-reflective coating worth it?

If you wear glasses on a regular basis, an anti-reflective (AR) coating is worth it. AR coating (also called anti-glare coating) eliminates almost all reflected light from the fronts and backs of optical lenses.

Eliminating glare from the front of lenses allows more light, which means better vision. Eliminating glare from the back of lenses eliminates visible distractions for more comfort.

Anti-reflective technology makes your lenses less noticeable in person and in pictures. We offer many different lens coatings and are happy to inform you of your options.

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