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Our New Partnership with Two Blind Brothers

Help us support a cause that matters! Heartland Vision is teaming up with Two Blind Brothers to support their journey to find a cure for blindness. Heartland Vision will donate $10 of each frame sale to the Foundation Fighting Blindness campaign.

*Limited terms apply

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The Men Behind the Mission

Bradford and Bryan Manning are two brothers who were diagnosed at a young age with Stargardt disease, an eye disease that increases blindness over time. Together, they created Two Blind Brothers to help fight for a blindness cure. Bryan and Bradford set out to create the softest clothes out of the best fabrics, buttons, and partners to work with to help their fellow blind community.

Their efforts, along with over 630,000+ customers, are helping blindness. Bradford and Bryan donate 100% of the profits made from their products to the Foundation Fighting Blindness for research on eye disease. The Manning brothers employ blind workers through orgavnizations to assist with their clothing line. Bradford and Bryan are raising money and awareness for a good cause. Join us in our fundraising efforts today and be part of those who helped cure blindness!

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Two Brothers
Fighting Blinder

In 1971, a group of passionate families founded The Foundation Fighting Blindness. The Foundation’s goal is to find treatments and cures for retinal diseases affecting loved ones. Back then, there was little research being conducted for cures of blindness. Today, the Foundation Fighting Blindness has driven research that prevents, treats, and restores blindness for degenerative eye diseases. Degenerative eye diseases affect more than 10 million Americans in the United States and millions of others in the world. With your support, we can fight against blindness.

How does this help blindess? There’s 3 important ways:

$10 Donate

$10 Donated for Every Frame Sale

For a limited time, Heartland Vision is donating $10 to the Two Blind Brothers for every frame sold during the next two months. Two Blind Brothers is partnered with the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a 501c3 non-profit.


Jobs for Blind Workers

Two Blind Brothers and the Foundation Fighting Blindness help to create safe and fulfilling jobs for people with blindness.

Part of the Cure

Be Part of the Cure

The Foundation Fighting Blindness is actively researching cures to eye disease and hereditary blindness. Our donation will help fund research to be part of the cure.

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